Entertainment that has a real life impact!!

2017-05-05_19-50-49-Dubai-family-photographer-www.studiolecarre.com.jpgI’m all about trying to keep my own balanced life. Sometimes it’s too hectic and sometimes it’s just difficult to get inspired about anything, specifically now here in Dubai when the heat is reaching the top figures and we do spend more time inside then outside.

Well,  i somehow managed to be part of an awesome week, surrounded by friends & culture and it was all planned more or less last minute.  The impact i had was very welcome after somewhat good but least surprising weeks before and it reminded me again how important is to keep up with mental and emotional health side by side your physics. I would wrap my week up as “i’m very well socially live entertained and kick ass happy about it”.

Tuesday evening i went to see Mary Poppins, where my lovely friend Christina invited me.  The musical hasn’t got anything but good reviews but those for me has never been real measurements, so i have to admit i had a tiny little suspicion in my head. It’s sad but it is probably based on my experiences about shows here in Dubai (except the worst theatre play never was on Off-Broadway). But as Dubai hasn’t really yet established itself as an entertainment hub, the quality hasn’t really been there either.  So this was my perspective and having said that, this musical was just full of energy, love and awesome choreographies which these trained professionals performed making it look so easy to sing and dance same time (try at home if you dare).  So I was happy as a child when i left The Opera House. It was a pure joy and i also felt proud that we’re finally getting some real entertainment here in Dubai, how to put it.. “Go and see Mary Poppins before it is too late or call yourself a cynical old person, lol” !!

On Friday then we had little housewarming party or It’s not really new home anymore but we thought would be nice to invite some of our closest friends over before everybody escapes for their summer holidays. The theme was “Boho Chic Ibiza Tunes”, and everybody were dressed up (even the guys.. or they might have been forced to strech out of their comfort zone by their spouses). Besides of catching up and drinking Moscow Mules we also took some awesome pictures… that was fun little extra. I found this French couple Manon & Etienne  http://studiolecarre.com/family-portrait-dubai-jirai-chez-vous/ and they are specialised for family pics with an original twist. We had a good laugh while taking the photos and what is the best, now we finally have some good pictures of our friends instead of some “double-chin” selfies with bad lights and red eyes.. So try something new with a small cost of a money, i can really recommend 🙂

Saturday the last action day in my week was of course, wait for it…who else but Justin Bieber.. (my dear friend Ayesha this time is to blame for). OMG, i never thought this day will come as what can his age of a guy give to me? Except when i was dancing heavily with the songs i recognised and Boom, i felt energised (a little bit too conservative to fit in) but did i care ? Not much. I had good fun, great company to shake that booty and i was home by Cinderella time. (To be critical, yes Justin wasn’t that giving, momentarily arrogant and worst for me was when he was lip-syncing songs which looks for me he didn’t really care so to say. But then again, that’s what he is “famous” for and i didn’t have that much expectations..)

So to sum up all of this, i am only myself responsible of my happiness, my health, my fun and my emotions. I can put myself in a locker and say “this is not my thing” or “i don’t normally do this” or the worst “i’m too old/ i’m a mother”.  But just to sometimes let it go and doubt your own doubts can bring you so much new experiences, at least that was my reminder of the week. Have fun whoop whoop, life is here and now!!



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